Homeshake to Perform Live in Jakarta

Photo by Moses S. 2018.

Peter Sagar, the mind and talent behind HOMESHAKE, is a singer and songwriter from Montreal with a budding interest in a wide array of sound. Homeshake songs expose listeners with mellow tunes, witty remarks, and the sweet croon of Sagar's voice. The average Homeshake performance is meditative yet thoroughly entertaining, and Sagar has developed a devoted fanbase that brings a welcoming sense of community to every show.

If you haven't been following us since 2-3 years ago, this might seem weird, but we were once a bunch of friends making small gigs around town, well we still are really. The first two shows that brought us to a more broad audience are Fazerdaze and Homeshake. Both shows sold out, to our surprise, Fazerdaze in precisely 6 days and Homeshake within 2 months. A lot of things has happened since then, a bunch of sold out shows happened, a lot of shows that didn't turn out good also happened. Nevertheless, we leaped at the opportunity to have Homeshake back in town. Live shows then and live shows now may differ quite a lot, we have acts around the world coming in town once a month, from different genres and background, both from corporate events or independent events like us.

This will be our first "repeat" show, bringing a band for the second time around is something quite new to us. The reason why, of course, is after having a show here, any band would rise in the mainstream consciousness of music listeners here, garnering much more attention, and eventually end up for the second time around here in Jakarta with a big festival, something that we could not/would not do. To have our first repeat show to be Homeshake, one of the acts that brought us here, with this website and a fuckton of attention that we couldn't even imagine a few years ago, seems fitting.

Now, HOMESHAKE, with his new album, "Helium", is on tour and ready to perform live in Jakarta, Indonesia. noisewhore now will host the return of Homeshake to Jakarta and to have them perform live at Rossi Musik Fatmawati which will be held on the 25th of February 2020.

Tickets are currently available at a normal price at IDR 315,000 and can be bought through noisewhore's website. Follow this link to purchase your tickets directly.

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