Introducing: noisewhore FM - Our Podcast (And its Digital Plan)

Updated: May 19

After being on hiatus for more than a year, we've restarted our podcast with a whole new concept, now with a good buddy of ours and your favorite place to hang out, Slits! This monthly podcast will bring in guests and will be taped live over at Slits where you can come and interrupt us!

UPDATE: For the time being, we will carry out our podcast over at Discord. Join our discord here.

We will invite our buddies from all over the world, talking mostly about the relevant topics within the industry and culture as a whole. Think of it as your sleeping podcasts with a bunch of guys shouting over each other.

On this episode, we talked about consumerism in music and fashion, how the way we consume things have changed so much from several years ago. We talked to the most responsible garment entrepreneur out here; OMO. No, seriously, they use left over garments and are very transparent about their pricing.

Listen below to the whole episode below!

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