What We're Listening To #6: Safer Inside

Updated: Aug 20

Written and Curated by Kevin Silalahi

Editor: Aliyya Asra

I’ve always liked being at home and in my own space whilst doing everything at my own pace. Music has always been something that I run to when I’m looking for an escape within my own walls. Although people have their own preferences in doing things, hopefully we all have utilised this time well into our own liking and when else is a good time to get greedy with your own time. For this week’s bit of what we’re listening to, I’m delighted to share what kind of songs that I listen to during this situation.

Steve Reich, Kronos Quartet / Pat Metheny - Different Trains/Electric Counterpoint (Album)

I found out about this album out of fascination towards Pat Metheny. He was probably one of my favourite guitarists growing up and I can never forget the catchy melodies of “Have You Heard” that my parents used to blast on our car stereo. Moving on to the subject, Different Trains/Electric Counterpoint is a collaborative album put together by American composer, Steve Reich with contributions by Kronos Quartet and Pat Metheny. This album consists of 2 compositions written in 3 movements each. The first piece, Different Trains, is a track consisting of string compositions aiming to visualize an era during and after the war. Might be a bit chaotic and anxious to listen to during quarantine but have a listen anyways these melodies and progressions might catch you in awe. The second piece, Electric Counterpoint, is a string composition played by Pat Metheny consisting of 3 scenes Fast, Slow and Fast. The sounds are soft and soothing, almost like particles gently flowing through the open space.

Emerson Kitamura - ロックンロールのはじまりは (Album)

I’ve been listening to this album A LOT ever since I discovered it early this year. I’ve personally never heard of him but when his music first played on my Spotify, I immediately dropped whatever I was doing and started to look into it. Turns out he’s just a regular dude who’s really talented at playing the organ and produces catchy songs! He’s not that big in terms of following and listens, but I sure think he deserves a bit of recognition. If you like the tunes of Wii music, then you might appreciate this a lot.

Sam Prekop – Self-Titled (Album)

Familiarly known as the front runner of the Chicago based rock band The Sea and Cake (TSAC). TSAC was known for their soothing sound that really points out their heavy bossa nova and jazz influences. Sam Prekop especially on his self-titled album breaks down this element from TSAC into its rawest form. The sounds of soft guitar plucks, easy listening chords and melodies, jazzy drum breaks and fills accompanied with his signature voice makes his self-titled album my go to listen when I’m just bored of listening to music if you get what I mean.

Mack Browne & The Brothers - Shaft

Stumbled upon this soundtrack whilst searching for the sample for one (of many) of my favourite Erykah Badu song “Bag Lady” which was derived from “Bumpy’s Lament”. The soundtrack from Shaft was originally written and performed by Isaac Hayes. However, I bumped into a bit of a mix up as the original version does not sound like the sample used and turns out the one performed by Mack Browne & The Brothers sounds like the one suited for the criteria I was looking for. All in all, I recommend you get into every single version that is available and go watch the movie if you have the time just because Shaft is a pretty cool dude.

I actually do have more music to share but I’m not that much of a writer to get through each of them, therefore I’m just going to add it to the playlist for everyone to dive into. To do these tracks justice however, I wanted to point out that I have the same amount of love for every track that I’ve been listening to throughout this weird time as each serves its unique purpose to my wellbeing.

Have a listen and take care

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