What We're Listening To #5: This and That

Updated: Aug 20

Written and Curated by Danang Joewono

Edited by: Aliyya Asra

These past few months at home have allowed me to discover music that I have not previously paid attention to. It’s always a great feeling when I get to discover new music and have always welcomed the process because I never know where and when I get it. I feel that the process of discovering new music can be as remarkable as listening to the music itself. This playlist is filled with songs that I have been enjoying for some time and some new songs that I just recently discovered, along with how I found out about them.

Here are some of my highlighted picks from the playlist.

Freddie Gibbs/The Alchemist - Alfredo (Album)

The newly released Alfredo project by Freddie Gibbs alongside The Alchemist has been a personal highlight. I included some songs from the project in this playlist. The combination between these two with their respective crafts has always been impeccable. I was first aware of The Alchemist from the Fetti project in 2018, where he collaborated with Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y (The three first collaborated for the 2011 track, Scottie Pippens). Every Alchemist project has always been solid ever since, my favourite of all the releases being the 2019 release, Lamb Over Rice project with Action Bronson (Also included in this playlist). Gibbs effortlessly rapping about juggling a life of crime and family over Alchemist beats on Mob movie samples is something I didn't know I needed to hear to get through 2020.

Cello Scrmr/Karami - Ledakkan (Song)

Another highlight is a song I discovered from our noisewhore Discord channel from the artist himself; The opening single from Cello Scrmr’s EP Imaginary Time, Ledakkan. The song features rhymes from Karami, accompanied by beats from Cello Scrmr’s signature electric cello. Such a great song with many quotables. Looking forward to hearing more from these artists and their Doxtrination crew.

The Equatics - Doin It!!!! (Album)

I found out about The Equatics from Hulu's High Fidelity remake starring Zoë Kravitz, a series I honestly thought I wouldn’t enjoy as much as the original movie and the book. The series featured lots of classics from different artists and different eras, and put me on to deep cuts that I wouldn’t have stumbled upon otherwise, one of them being The Equatics’ Merry Go Round 1972 album Doin It!!!!. The Equatics was a high school band from Hampton High School in Virginia. The band only managed to release one album after winning the Pepsi high school band competition as they broke up not long after graduating high school. I do not know whether their music is funk or soul, but all I can say is that these (at the time) seventeen year-olds made such amazing music with haunting vocals, groovy horns, and funk-influenced riffs. Such a gem of an album.

Black Flag - Family Man (Album)

I also wanted to include Black Flag in this playlist after going through their discography this past week. So what happened was, I first watched a clip from Joe Rogan’s podcast that had him arguing with a guest about how he really did not like how Bruce Lee was depicted on Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I remembered how I enjoyed the movie when it came out but it was just then that I realized how much I did not know about the references made in the movie. So I went on to look up and watched videos about Bruce Lee, the one-inch punch, and his legacy. Also looked up about Charles Manson and the “Manson Family”. I found out about how he recorded an acoustic pop album with production from Henry Rollins that was never released. I then read about Rollins and his time at Black Flag, and ended up going through to Black Flag’s releases. Family Man is the third full-length album from Black Flag. This is one of the three essential albums that they released in 1984. I was initially drawn to this album from the artwork (by Raymond Pettibon) and the album name. I could only say that the lyrics from this album are quite poetic (& at times intense) and the direction of the experimental instrumentals are most times odd. Going through the fluid storytelling in this album is truly an immersive experience. The song in this playlist, Armageddon Man is the only song on the album that featured spoken word and instrumentals together.

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